red eyes The red eye is something all of us would have had many times during our lives and the importance of distinguishing a problematic red eye from a non-problematic red eye is often overlooked. Although most red eye problems are harmless, there a number of vision threatening causes. In general, you need to be assessed if you have a red eye associated with any of the following:

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Discharge
  • Glare problems
  • Reduction in vision


Every person will eventually have one or more floaters in their eyes and the majority are harmless. They can appear as jelly-like spots or squiggly lines which move as you try to look at them. However, they can be a warning sign of an impending retinal detachment so any new floaters need to be checked urgently particularly when accompanied by an episode of flashing lights. They can also be caused through bleeding in the eye or by infections in the eye and so all floaters should be checked out to be safe.