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Vision is the most important sense with regards to learning and so the importance of good vision can not be stressed highly enough when it comes to our children and their academic and social potential at school. Many children with a lazy eye (amblyopia) do not get diagnosed as they rely on their good eye and often do not complain of poor vision and so parents are often not aware that there is a problem. In many cases of lazy eye, the lazy eye turns in or out indicating that only the good eye is being used. In these cases, glasses as well as patching may be required to correct the turn and improve vision in the lazy eye. The earlier this is diagnosed and treated, the better the prognosis for improving vision and giving the child good use of both eyes (binocular vision). Binocular vision is very important for judging distances and improving co-ordination such as hand-eye coordination.

Commonly, children with vision problems can be easily corrected with glasses, simple exercises or just friendly ergonomic advice.

When should I have my child’s vision assessed?

It is a good idea to have your child’s eyes checked during preschool years (4-5 years) but your child can be assessed at any age; even newborn.

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