Optos 200Dx

The essential screening instrument, the Optos 200Dx uses a laser to scan up to 200 degrees of the retina. A traditional retinal photo only allows capture of 45 degrees at one time and documenting the peripheral retina is often difficult. With the Optos 200Dx, the far periphery can be analysed quickly and comfortably without instilling drops. Each scan takes about 2 seconds to perform and is completely safe. Many peripheral conditions often do not cause a visual disturbance initially and before the advent of the Optos 200Dx, often go undetected during routine examination. Optos 200Dx scans have been documented in detecting retinal tears and detachments and even ocular tumours in patients without any symptoms or visual disturbances and at My Optometrist, we recommend performing the scan routinely for thoroughness. It could not only save your vision, but your life.

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