Medmont Automated Perimeter

The Medmont perimeter serves as an invaluable tool in our diagnostic toolkit, enabling us to map a patient’s peripheral vision. This capability is instrumental in both diagnosing and monitoring the loss of peripheral vision associated with conditions such as Glaucoma.

Furthermore, the Medmont perimeter allows us to assess the extent of damage caused by strokes and ocular tumors, providing crucial insights into the impact of these conditions on visual function. This information is particularly pertinent in determining driving standards following such events, ensuring the safety of affected individuals and others on the road.

Beyond eye-related ailments, the Medmont perimeter also proves useful in monitoring conditions like multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders. By tracking changes in peripheral vision over time, we can effectively gauge disease progression and tailor treatment plans accordingly.

In essence, the Medmont perimeter plays a multifaceted role in our clinical practice, facilitating the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of various eye and neurological conditions, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes.

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