Optos Daytona

The Optos Daytona, a pivotal screening tool, utilizes laser technology to scan up to 200 degrees of the retina, far surpassing the capabilities of traditional retinal photography, which typically captures only 45 degrees at a time. This innovative device eliminates the challenges of documenting the peripheral retina, offering a swift and comfortable analysis without the need for pupil-dilating drops.

Each scan, completed in a few seconds, is entirely safe, providing a comprehensive assessment of the entire retinal landscape. The significance of this advanced screening cannot be overstated, particularly as many peripheral conditions may remain asymptomatic initially, evading detection during routine examinations.

The Optos Daytona has proven instrumental in identifying critical issues such as retinal tears, detachments, and even ocular tumors in patients exhibiting no symptoms or visual disturbances. At My Optometrist, we advocate for the routine use of this technology to ensure thoroughness in eye care. By investing in this proactive approach, we not only safeguard your vision but also potentially save lives.

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